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Remote Upload for Google Drive

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Estate Responsive Landing Page Template
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    Sign in with your Google Account

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    Go to your Drive and click New > Remote Upload (Offcloud)

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    Download anything from the web directly to your Drive account!

What is Offcloud?
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Learn how to use our Cloud-based download manager for Drive in four easy steps.

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    Go to your Drive, and go to New > Remote Upload (Offcloud).

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    Input any HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent link to begin transfer.

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    Offcloud downloads and uploads data to your Drive.

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    Offcloud emails you when the file is available in your Drive.

Quote For a while, I have been looking for a way to transfer files to my Drive without using my bandwidth, wasting my time or requiring my device. Offcloud finally offers me a real way to download data from the cloud, to the cloud and literary through the cloud. Quote

Mike Miller
Software Developer, Bay Area

Offcloud is a toolkit full of surprises.

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Free starter

Free starter

You can begin with a free account that lets you fetch up to 3 links.

Cheap pricing

Cheap pricing

Once you have consumed your quota, you can opt for an unlimited plan for $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year.



We are constantly improving Offcloud. We implement new features and support for new sources every week.

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